5 Bullet Journal Spreads to Keep You Motivated

We’re halfway through the year now — which means our well intentioned New Year’s Resolutions are more than likely far from our mind. If you’re anything like me, you dropped about half your goals by mid-February, and left the rest to wither and die by April.

But June is the perfect time to reignite your motivation and get cracking on your goals again — or set some new ones. Here are five creative bullet journal spreads to help you do just that — set goals, stay motivated, and achieve your dreams!

1. Stay healthy

How many of us set yearly, monthly, or even weekly goals of drinking more water? And how many of us last three days before switching back to coffee or Diet Coke?

Your bullet journal is the perfect place to track your water intake, and stay on the hydration wagon long term, because you look at it every single day. Set a water tracker up much like you would any other monthly habit tracker, and keep on track with your hydration goals!

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You can also use your bullet journal to keep you on the healthy eating bandwagon. If you’re struggling with meal planning, do what Dingbats* user Hallile did and keep some ideas for nutritious packed lunches in your bullet journal, for when you need some healthy eating inspiration.

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2. Get quoting

Maybe you don’t have a specific goal in mind — maybe you just want to feel a bit more empowered and motivated every day. Your bullet journal can give you a little kick of motivation and energy whenever you need it.

Peppering motivational quotes throughout your bullet journal — either as part of your weekly spreads or as whole pages to themselves throughout — can give you a little boost and help you stay on track with you goals.

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3. Keep up with your projects

If you’re into bullet journaling, chances are you’re a creative soul with multiple creative projects on the go. So why not use your journal to keep track of your project to dos and achieve all your creative goals.

Take a leaf out of fellow Dingbats* lover, Anna’s book and make a creative tracker spread to figure out your posting schedule or keep track of where you’re at.

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4. Emergency motivation

There’s nothing worse than having a big deadline looming and absolutely no motivation to do the task at hand. But you can help mitigate disaster by having an emergency list of motivational pick-me-ups in your bullet journal to turn to in times of needs.

Make a list of all the things that motivate you — songs that pump you up, rewards you can give yourself once you’ve accomplished your goal — and look at it whenever you need kicking into gear.

5. Goal bingo

There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking something off a to do list, but while we’re all used to marking off our day-to-day achievements, we don’t necessarily do the same for our bigger goals.

It’s well documented that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them — 42% more likely, in fact — so why not go one step further and get that little dopamine hit by crossing off your goals when you achieve them?

Marie ‘Bitsandclips’ has a novel way of doing this in her bullet journal — she calls it goal bingo. Lay out all your goals in a bingo style spread, and cross each one off (or colour it in) when you achieve it. At the end of the year you can look back and see at a glance everything you achieved.

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