Celebrating Earth Day 2018 with New Vegan Notebooks

Yesterday (Sunday 22nd April 2018) was World Earth Day, an annual event where people all over the globe come together to promote and encourage sustainability, eco-living, and political change.

“It is a day of political action and civic participation,” says President of Earth Day, Kathleen Rogers. “People march, sign petitions, meet with their elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads. Corporations and governments use it to make pledges and announce sustainability measures.”

This Earth Day was no different. This year, the Earth Day Network, the organisation that leads Earth Day, focused on ending plastic pollution. And for good reason. A recent report found that 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced across the world to date — and of that, 6.3 billion tonnes is waste. What’s more, the majority of this waste — a staggering 79% — is in the landfill or the natural environment.

Thankfully, governments around the world are taking steps to combat this. The UK has already reduced plastic bag usage by 85% since the government introduced the 5p charge, and further measures are being proposed. The plastic bottle deposit return scheme, for instance, aims to increase the percentage of plastic, glass, and metal drinks containers that are recycled; and the government is currently proposing a ban on plastic stirrers, plastic straws, and cotton wool buds in order to reduce the amount of single-use plastic produced and used in the UK.

Here at Dingbats, we’re passionate about helping the environment where we can. That’s why all our paper is FSC certified, all our notebooks are 100% vegan, and all our beautiful covers are made using degradable faux leather rather than animal leather or toxic PVC.

And that’s also why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Earth Collection.

The Earth Day Collection from Dingbats* Notebooks — Available to pre-order now.

The Earth Collection is designed to highlight the fragile global ecosystems that are being threatened by human activity. We’re launching three notebooks in total — the Serengeti notebook, the Great Barrier Reef notebook, and the Yasuni notebook. Each notebook is dedicated to a specific ecosystem that is in danger, and the collection aims to raise awareness of the damage we’re doing to these precious environments.

Spread from the Great Barrier Relief notebook

All the Earth notebooks have 184 numbered non-perforated pages, 16 micro-perforated pages, 3 index pages, 2 key pages, a guide, page tabs, 2 bookmarks, and — most importantly — a finely printed location infographic spread of the respective region. They’re designed to be beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly, and in the future we intend to use proceeds from these notebooks to financially support the areas we are highlighting.

The notebooks are available for pre-order today from the Dingbats website and will be shipped in late May. Limited quantities are available, so get your order in quick!

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