Hey Lovely people!

Can we believe that March is already upon us?!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, March is the first Month of Spring. Finally flowers are beginning to blossom and soon enough those winter nights and frosty mornings will be a thing of the past! Spring also celebrates new life, this is the season that baby animals of all species will begin their new journeys, so if you haven’t already why not put a bowl of fresh water outside for thirsty birds as they go about raising their new chicks!

March the 3rd also plays host to ‘World Wildlife Day’. Celebrating and raising awareness of our worlds wildlife and the ever increasing need to protect them. With all this is mind March could only ever have been one theme.. baby animals! As Dingbats* have an entire wildlife collection too, all my baby animals will be taken from the wildlife series!

So let’s take a look at how I set up for March!

March’s cover page brings the largest and the smallest of animals together for a hearty hello! Whilst I may have gotten far too excited over a baby Duck meeting a baby Elephant, and thus gone ‘pen heavy’ with colour, it meant that I could pull back and make the text simple and bold. When it comes to drawing baby animals, my top tip is to make their body small but their heads large! They’re going to need some time to grow into their features but by exaggerating their head, it gives them that cute and squishy look that we all feel whenever we see them!

By framing the picture I was able to go in with lots of colour and you’ll see that I’ve added clouds and a pond to break up large areas of space... it’s not fun colouring large chunks in one colour so by breaking up the space it not only saves time but it also makes the colouring experience much more enjoyable.

I love a good monthly layout, it becomes a great hub from which to plan out your month. I’ve kept my boxes nice and big, and used the space above to continue our theme of baby Dingbats* with a Tiger, Bear and Deer. To fill in that white space I’ve added some almond-shaped leaves and used 2/3 different shades of green to give the page a fullness.

As my monthly boxes in this A5 dotted notebook are 7x6 dots it left me with just enough space on the right hand side to add in a daily tracker. I’ve got space here to mark off each day as I’ve completed a task or goal. For March I’ve gone with three things to track; my water intake (a tick if I drink at least 1 litre), exercise and filling in my Gratitude log.

Every month I keep a gratitude log, I note down a line or two of what has made me grateful that day. It’s been a great addition to my routine and well worth it’s place in my journal. I divide the page into two and write out the days of the month on each side. This leaves me with just enough space to block letter the word ‘grateful’ as well as add in another Dingbat* baby, the whale!

This page always starts out much simpler than the others, but as the month continues it gets filled up with writing and becomes one of my most loved pages! 

To complete my March set up, I’ve stuck with one of my all time favourite weeklies. This layout is really versatile in that it can be as complicated or as simple as you like. The left hand column is dedicated to the final Dingbat* baby of the Wildlife collection; the Kangaroo! Ive kept the facial features large and broken up the large spaces with a sign that says ‘Roo 💜’ and rather than fill in the whole sky I’ve added a bush to block out some colour and hearts to fill the sky.

I’ve got spaces for my daily to-dos or as I quite often end up calling them, my ‘todailies’ and a nice big Notes box because as the week goes by, I often find tasks crop up and I’m not sure when or where I’m going to fit them in! Which leads me to the ‘This Week I Will ...’ box. Before I let the weeks todailies get the better of me, I fill out this box with one thing I will do, if nothing else! It’s my insurance job, the thing that I’ll complete and feel good for it!

My main focus for this spread was the quote. I live by a good quote and find it extremely motivating when I open up my notebook and there staring back at me is a little positivity! As we’re celebrating ‘World Wildlife Day’ this month, my first quote came from a quick google search of conservation quotes. I like the quote ‘Be their voice, Always’ as it not only feels empowering to me, as I do have this voice. It gently reminds me to use it!

So that’s my set up for March! Lots of bold Spring colours, with blues, greens and purples. With a hearty dose of cuteness to celebrate some incredible animals too! I’ve linked all the supplies I’ve used to create these pages below and hope that whatever your theme for March, you have a wonderful one!

Gemma x

Supplies used:

Dingbats* A5 dotted notebook


Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen in Black size Fine & Small



Faber Castell Redline Markers

Crayola Supertip in Lime Green

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