Plan With Us April 2019 | Dingbats* Notebooks Easter Setup

We are so excited to share with you guys our first Youtube bullet journal set up for April. April is the month of Easter, pastel flowers 🌸and bunnies 🐇.

We decided to go with an Easter theme. For the cover page, Elizabeth envisioned a bunny in the corner with flowers all around it and “April” in the upper right-hand corner under a stylized “A”. She kept the cover page simple with some light pastel colors on the flowers.

As for the monthly spread with the faux dutch door, the idea was to use the faux dutch door to hide and reveal the monthly habit tracker. When you fold back the habit tracker you can see the “APRIL” header on the side. Elizabeth also added some flowers at top and bottom, and a sleeping bunny amongst the flowers at the bottom of the spread.

Grab your Dingbats* and get ready with our Easter theme!

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