We are Green

Take a leaf out of our book

Every single sheet of a Dingbats* cares for nature like a pen loves the page. In other words, there’s no nasty stuff in there. Even the water we use in production is returned to rivers cleaner than before.

Smarter sourcing

Our stylish faux leather covers are not just cute (though we say so ourselves), but non-toxic and fully degradable usually after 10 years. That is when the material is mixed in compost in controlled temperatures and environments. And the paper inside is just as green — your Dingbats* is made from trees that are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Happy animals

We love animals, which is why they play a starring role on our covers ;) Plus, we’re the first and only notebook brand to be EU V-Label certified, which means we don’t use animal-based adhesives and we’re absolutely, truly, 100% vegan. 

Safe travels

Our notebooks go all over the world, so we need to wrap them in a way that protects them on their journey. To do this, we’re as environmentally conscious as possible ⁠— using a material that consists of more than 40% polyethylene produced from sugarcane ethanol and is 100% recyclable in most countries.